About Us

Superior Returns for Investors, Superior Renewal for Communities

AGI Capital is a San Francisco-based real estate development and investment company that develops successful residential, commercial and mixed-use projections. Since 1998, we have consistently executed new construction, condominium conversions and residential and office rehabilitation projects that help enhance communities while delivering strong market returns for investors and partners.

AGI provides services directly as well as through its affiliates, including Prometheus Investment Group, headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in China.   In collaboration with Prometheus, we assist companies in finding profitable cross-border growth opportunities and partnerships with the most appropriate entities to minimize risk and build long-term, strategic ventures.


AGI is a resource for U.S. companies seeking profitable capital investments in the US and in China. We have the know-how and the relationships to pair investors with ventures that match their desired risk and return expectations.

While opportunities in China and other markets offer expansion and growth potential, many companies view the market in an overly simplistic way that can lead them to make decisions that limit their success or create failure. Companies face a variety of pitfalls when entering emerging markets and AGI helps companies navigate cultural, political, structural and financial risks that are not readily apparent to those not entrenched in the market.

Similarly, foreign companies seeking investments in the U.S. market may not realize the competitive, regulatory, political, cultural, or other business hurdles that put their prospective ventures at risk. In addition, they may overlook lucrative opportunities or partnerships that can be established by leveraging AGI Capital’s robust network of companies and investors.

Our approach

AGI provides strategic consulting on financing, market assessment, partner development and regulatory requirements. Most new ventures in emerging markets do not follow a linear sequence when they are being launched; our team excels at being resourceful and helping our clients successfully navigate hurdles as they arise. Our expertise includes:

  • Unorthodox structure to optimize proprietary opportunities
  • Guidance on how to best optimize investments and avoid excessive costs for investors
  • Seasoned professionals with exceptional track records and high level of integrity
  • Unique, high-level relationships worldwide, specifically in China and the U.S.
  • Above-market average investment returns