Alexis Wong

CEO, AGI Capital
CEO, Prometheus Investment Group

Since she founded AGI Capital in 1998, the company has overseen over $1 billion of real estate development and investment opportunities and Alexis Wong has led the company to growth as a multi-million-dollar, vertically integrated real estate investment and development firm. In October 2006, Ms. Wong led the effort to successfully form a joint venture partnership with CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System), the largest pension fund in the U.S., to invest in transit oriented urban infill projects.

In addition to real estate, over the past 15 years, Ms. Wong has developed a diversified group of businesses in which she had invested and incubated, including businesses in hospitality and entertainment, high technology, clean technology, venture capital, building and materials import/export, technology transfer, telecommunication, infrastructure and transportation, and real estate.

Besides her business endeavors, Ms. Wong has also been active in multiple government boards. She was appointed to the California World Trade Commission, the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs, and the California Real Estate Advisory Commission for the Department of Real Estate. In addition, she was appointed to the California Organized Investment Network Advisory Board under the Department of Insurance to oversee conduct by insurance companies in California. Most recently, Ms. Wong was appointed to the California Small Business Board under the Governor’s Office overseeing Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s) in California.

In addition to her experience in the U.S., Ms. Wong has also been, for the past ten years, working closely in China and Hong Kong. Ms. Wong’s experience in China includes high technology, banking, real estate, clean technology, and international government diplomacy.

Currently, Ms. Wong is based in Hong Kong, China, and San Francisco and actively working on U.S.-China opportunities. Ms. Wong received a BA in marketing and an MBA in international management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.